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Virtual Office Space for the Millennials – a hit or a miss

This is the era of virtual world and is the way to go for companies and in the entertainment business.  From gaming, socialising, networking to even working people prefer the virtual mode. Rapid technological revolution is enabling people change their way of life in every sphere. The growing working population is dominated by Millennials, they prioritise flexibility, diversity and community as the key factors for deciding a workplace. Giving cognisance to their requirements, Coworking Spaces and Virtual Office Spaces are the newbies in the market and a possible solution to their requirements. The alternative office spaces are expanding like never before. 

The concept of office spaces are facing a drastic revolution, professionals demand work life balance, this is not only in the nature of the job but also the place of job! With the advent of coworking spaces, demand for traditional office spaces is seeing the negative quadrant. One of the primary concerns of organisations (small, medium or large) is the location. Large chunk of money is invested in acquiring a prime business location, sometimes leading to compromising on the quality of workplace. 

With the virtual office and coworking offices the major chunk of investment in location can be removed, this particularly benefit small organisations. The popularity of virtual offices are growing because of two reasons, firstly the cost of having a business address on the visiting card, website etc can be reduced and secondly for the minimal money invested for a virtual office the amenities or facilities provided are undistinguished. 

Benefits a virtual office space can offer: 

Save Money- If you are a small business owner or a newbie entrepreneur or an organisation looking to expand regions and need a premium office address, the best deal would be to rent a virtual office space. Major chunk of money is invested in finding the right office space – a premium is paid when companies need a good location and smart looking offices. Further, money is also spent for miscellaneous office essentials. A virtual office space is like a win win solution for people seeking smart offices and premium locations at a nominal rental. 

Ease on Commute- A virtual office space as the name suggests is an office space on paper or for web address but without actual physical space. So this means, employees of a company or an entrepreneur have a great flexibility of working remotely with the advantage of not having the hassle to travel to work. The biggest put off for the millenials is the undesired travel time. Ease on commute is therefore considered a biggest boon for office goers especially because of the traffic and congested roads in most cities.

Scale up the Business- If you rent a virtual office space, scaling up your business is an absolute bliss. Imagine the costs you incur for setting up or expanding to a new office space each time you intend to scale up your business?! Expand your business with minimal investments with virtual office spaces.

Family pack of Amenities- Do you feel left out without having a physical office space? Well, virtual office apart from being a brick & mortar office space, definitely provides all perks a traditional office space offers such as hourly meeting space, conference rooms, office amenities on request, receptionist or front office services, telephone and mail address, post mail recipients, staff to attend telephone or fax messages etc. Modern office spaces provide plug and play concept, where the business owners utilise the services for their basic office requirements, which is not the case in traditional office setup. Hence shared working and virtual offices are a strong alternative. 

Work Satisfaction- In the present generation, especially with the millennials it is impossible for organisations to continue with mundane workplaces or monotonous office schedules. Remote working or coworking or digital nomads are gifted with an opportunity to work their best at the location of their choice, they can choose to  travel and work, work from home or any part of the world! Employee satisfaction is most crucial, giving freedom and space will drastically improve the work efficiency, productivity and help in employee retention & loyalty. 

Legitimate Address- Not many clients appreciate or reciprocate if the business owners have a house address on their contact of visiting cards. Having a legitimate office address can help in retaining customers and increase their satisfaction. 

Environmental Friendly- Well, this is certainly a long term benefit but a much required benefit. You can contribute to the environment by not commuting to and fro to work thereby reducing pollution and by not using office facilities such as electricity, water you can reduce the wastage. So go digital and save the environment! With the growing population seriously working towards a greener planet, millennials really appreciate the concept of virtual office space solutions. 


Virtual Office Spaces is the next big thing in the corporate real estate business. It offers to showcase your business more prestigiously also helps you work at your convenient and preferred location. Virtual offices are value for money for it provides similar facilities like traditional office space but at a fraction of the cost. Therefore, Virtual Office Spaces are definitely a hit for the Millennials. 

If you are looking to avail the luxury of working from your choice of place but be pompous about your office location and facility, choose virtual office space solutions. 

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