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Things that make a Coworking Space More than just an Office Space

The days have long gone where an office space was merely a four walled room, where employees would work from dawn to dusk and “complete” their tasks.

“Work” has a new definition and outlook in the present world. The millennials prefer a dynamic work environment where the expectation is to break the barriers and innovate. If work expectations are so different today then imagine how important would be the place of work. The workplace is not merely a place to sit and work but is an enabler for superior outcome.

Before writing this blog, I asked a few of my friends who work in a coworking space, about what aspects would they seek before finding the perfect fit? It was surprising how unanimously my friends and acquaintances stated a bunch of  similar traits they look for in a coworking space setup. In the trailing section, I will highlight the key aspects that are good to have and must have, which make a coworking space more than just an office space!

Here goes the aspects that millennials seek as a Must Have in a coworking space:

Coworking Environment
It’s true that first impression is a lasting impression! Be it a reputed organisation, budding startup or a freelancer, a welcoming & warm and a stress free environment is essential for a great outcome.  For few, a workspace is a home away from home. For these ideologists, a good coworking space offers just that.

Quirky coworking environment

Important features most millennials want in a good coworking environment are:

  • Nature at its best: Ample natural lighting
  • For a spec of fresh air: Indoor and outdoor space for movement for people who don’t like being hooked to their desk. Studies show that 50-60% of the time employees are not at their desk (source: innov8).
  • Boosting Confidence: Bright coloured walls or wallpapers with inspiring quotes.
  • Quirky Designs: asymmetrical patterned walls, modern office furniture, bold illustrations to make the ambiance unconventional.
  • Breaking the Monotony: millennials abhor monotony. They crave a good vibe and an innovative workspace that could induce creativity.
  • Soothing the Soul: music is powerful. Soothing music can kill ambience noise and create an environment to concentrate better.
  • Stress Free: It is not correct to say that only workload could stress an employee, there is more to it. Stress from travelling, cluttered space and noise could drive a person crazy and hate his “job”

Integrated technology-

  • Fast uninterrupted Internet: Fast is what Speaks! Millennials want things at their fingertips. Fast internet connection is a basic necessity for the tech-savvy folks.
  • Virtual Reality: Modern office space can include augmented and virtual reality to enhance the experience.
  • Internet of things (IoT): integrating internet of things (IoT) in workspaces enables smooth operation and experience for space manager and end users as well.
  • Modular Phone Booths: Enabling privacy in making business or personal phone calls.


  • Workplace Safety: Employees value workplace safety as the most important aspect while choosing the workplace. Feeling safe, not being intimidated are the basic necessities. A good coworking space would have access cards and fingerprint scanners to avoid entry of unauthorised personnel. Ample security guards, surveillance cameras are the other basic requirements.
  • Data Safety: Be it an organisation, freelancer or a startup, data safety is prime. Priority is given to choosing a workspace with high safety standards, provision of anti hacking and clear procedures around data breach.

Apart from the coworking space being in the premium location for business purpose, it is also vital to consider certain factors such as, the workplace being close to the metro stations, hospitals, restaurants, parks and such other. A good coworking space should strategically consider the needs of people to decide the location.

Cultivating a Community-
A thin string of difference between an ordinary workspace and an outstanding one is the coworking space managers giving importance to cultivating a community. A community curator ensures smooth functioning of the workspace, active involvement of professionals, introducing new people, resolve issues and organise myriad of activities for the community.

A community of professionals at a coworking space


Coworking is the king of offline networking. The concept of coworking is collaboration. A coworking community can bring strong and exhaustive networking possibilities, sharing of knowledge, ideas, business experiences, business opportunities, recommendations and so much more.

Event Offerings-

  • Learning is one thing which grows in time and never fades away! Learning has become so easy with various online platforms such as Udemy, coursera etc.
  • Learning events and training serve to be the catalysts for your imagination.
    Events can be used to promote your business, showcase products and enable industry related networking.
  • Coworking managers can make their workspace exceptional by organising exciting events for re-skilling, public speaking, tree planting and creative/technical writing etc.

Transparency in Rentals-
The largest customer segment opting for coworking spaces is startups. Though many of the startups are well funded, many work with tight budgets. Therefore it is essential to have a transparent fee structure with compartmentalised costs. A transparent and upfront rental not gives confidence to customers but would also urge them to opt for more services because of loyalty.


“Work Better and Live Healthier.”

Research in the field of workplace ergonomics has scaled up like never before. Ergonomic considerations can increase efficiency, energy levels and involvement. Recent accessories like ergonomic mouse, keyboards, monitor stands, chairs and sit stand desks can keep employees healthy and happy.

Comfortable Chairs at a co working space

Below are the aspects that could possibly differentiate an outstanding coworking space to a “just another” coworking space:

Recharging with Recreation-

  • Gym, Yogs, Meditation, Zumba and such other, are great natural stress busters. Having a facility with all or few of these activities can really boost an employee’s productivity and efficiency. Some prefer a nice outdoor walk while some like hardcore gaming. No matter the activity it’s about taking your mind off for some time and energising yourself.
  • It also enables collaboration for some while privacy for others, no matter the intention, intermittent recreation is important for creative juices to flow!
  • There is a vast scope in bring heaps of creativity in creating recreation zones. It could mean adding a table tennis table, bowling alley or a foosball.

Informal Workspaces-

  • Getting hooked onto desks even in a coworking space can get nerve racking.
    To adapt to different styles of working, coworking managers can include accessories ike retractable tables, sit stand desks, exercise bounce ball and open meeting rooms with white board. In fact even cafes can serve as a good collaboration or a workspace.
  • Popularity is growing for Informal workspaces such as seating in the lawns, private work pods and such other. There is huge potential in designing the choice facilities in a work space.

Working at a Cafe – Informal Workspace

Kitchen or a Cafe-

  • For some a good kitchen can close the deal of a co working space. A kitchen, coffee junction can add a human touch to the place. It’s a perfect zone for employees to hangout, share and Create ideas.
  • Ideas could range from having a complete kitchen design, a simple cafe or just a coffee junction. As a cafe chain says “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee!”

It is clear based on the aspects discussed above that coworking spaces enable companies to convert hefty capital expenditures into affordable and monthly operational expenditures. It also enables companies to quickly set up their workspace and get into business. Though the benefits are very lucrative, it is essential for companies to opt for the right coworking space that is not only right for their pocket but also blend with their organisational culture and people’s mindset.

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