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Instilling workplace happiness with coworking spaces

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything “- George Bernard Shaw

World today vouch for transition! We see people embracing, learning and adopting to transitions almost everyday in their life.  When Fitness freaks are hitting fitness garage over traditional gyms and the tech geeks are surpassing desk & chair to innovative tech incubators.  When ideas are generated over a mug of beer and board meeting happen over webcasts. When hierarchy is surpassed by flat organisation and when millennials become CEOs, the world is transitioning!

Employee retention is a priority for any company, attractive perks and monetary benefits are no longer the only means to attract and retain talent. People seek work satisfaction and comfortable workspace as their priory. Studies show that happy employees are 20%  more productive than unhappy employees. Happiness lies in the type of work and place of work. We spend almost half our day at work, an amicable work environment can boost productivity and Instil happiness in employees thereby making them love their work!

If creativity demands out of the box thinking then creativity also demands out of the norm seating! This non traditional offices, open space layouts are termed as coworking or shared spaces. A coworking space offer more collaborative, conducive and creative environment for an employee. Professionals create a community rather than a company in a coworking space! With over 46% (source: Morgan Stanley) millennials thronging the workforce in India, it is essential to have a non traditional, flexible and comforting work environment. Google, a Tech Titan was named the company with best corporate culture. It is a benchmark for being the happiest tech company with collaborative, creative, innovative and flexible work environment.

Here are top  reasons how coworking spaces can improve productivity and instil happiness in your employees:

Networking arenaCoworking space is the synonym of Networking
* If LinkedIn is for professional networking on online platform, Then coworking space is the offline platform for like minded people to collaborate and create a professional & cultural mosaic.
* For years the general work culture in companies was limited to desk based with only certain strata of employees visiting clients and outdoors etc. The times are changing with the millennials thronging the workforce, enabling a professional of any domain to express, collaborate and create.
* Coworking spaces is not only popular with the cool startups and freelancers but also a successful strategy for the big organisations to mingle with energising & intuitive young entrepreneurs and professionals.


Startup support
Apart from the readily available amenities and office essentials, providing a startup support is pivotal for a coworking space. New communities are coming up that not only encourage startups but also arrange multiple seminars to guide budding professionals and share the best practises in the industry.


* Innovations don’t  happen in a day and neither they are time bound. Long toils, immense brainstorming and heaps of failures create an impeccable innovation. Hope this sets a context to what I infer, flexibility in working is a crucial factor and is directly proportional to the success and productivity at work. Closed cubicles, fixed timings and set work routine are  things of the past. Coworking space enables flexible working hours.
* Coworking spaces also allows the flexibility to choose the property on a particular day across locations.
* Flexible coworking spaces offer the choice of scalability.
* It also offers Flexible leasing options in terms of cost and time lines.

Cost effective:
* Major cities in India is growing to be a startup hub and for startups capital investment is critical. Co working spaces justifies to be a cost effective model, because of the versatility it offers in its services. From a simple desk membership to renting meeting/conference rooms to renting the whole floor, a coworking shared space offers a myriad of options to organisations across spectrum.
* Coworking spaces offers 20-25% cost savings when compared to traditional office spaces. Shared office spaces provide best in class infrastructure at a meagre price.
* Lastly Coworking spaces enable organisations to have an office space in a prime location in a metropolitan city that is impossible to own in the present day scenario.

Aesthetics and Amenities
* If the companies want to resonate with millennials, then aesthetics and amenities of a workplace is critical. Companies and individuals are choosing coworking spaces based on the look & feel of office spaces .
* A good coworking space is a potpourri of attractive aesthetics and smart amenities. An eye catching office space  with appealing wallpapers, bright walls, graffitis to comfortable and healthy ergonomically designed furniture to cafes, recreation zones, activity based settings to office essentials like copy/printers, internet, storage etc and to smart technologies,  are the nuances professionals look forward to before choosing a workplace.
* Further, women are thronging the workforce in India today and the critical factor they see is the workplace safety and amenities like a daycare, clean washrooms and other women Centred requirements.

Less commitments
This is a critical aspect for freelancers, startup and SMEs. Along with multitude of responsibilities a company or an individual undertakes to start a company , finding a premium office space can be extremely nerve racking and a huge commitment. With coworking spaces one can surpass this commitments, pay and get down to business.

We have explored and spoken about the multitude benefits of coworking spaces that is clearly an emerging trend. There is no doubt that this is going to be a revolutionary move in the industry that will help in transforming business.

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