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Emerging Trends with Napping pods in Co working space

Invest in a better rested workforce for benefitting your company!

The Japanese inemuri culture, the Spanish Siesta and the Italian Riposo hover around the concept of taking naps in between work hours. If it is a part of culture for some countries, it’s a taboo for others!

Leaving the cultural nuances apart and looking at napping scientifically, a 30-60 minute napping in between work hours is a great catalyst for increasing productivity.

Sleep, nutrition and fitness are the three pillars for healthy living. Off late great importance is given to nutrition and fitness, whilst sleep is also a crucial pillar! Stress, travel, lifestyle, electronic addiction are just a few reasons for a person to face lack of stipulated sleep.

It is not surprising if you are wondering “Why should a company bother about an employee’s sleep?” Well, a perennially fatigued employee is a bane for your organisation.

It is increasingly important for companies (irrespective of its size) to make measured napping during work hours as an employee engagement or retention policy. Big organisations such as google, Über , Huffington Post, Cisco, Procter & Gamble etc. have started allowing napping at work. Power naps are said to increase concentration, creativity and calmness – the three factors that are known to boost productivity.

Sleep is not a problematic word in the business world today! It is a dire necessity for having a well rested workforce. Clutter free mind is the key for clutter free work.
From having a simple nap room to sophisticated Napping pods, sleep cell and napping capsules, companies are investing in getting their workforce better rested and being stress free.

The main concern with the sophisticated napping pods is the cost. The base price is USD 13,000. Installing such amenities in medium to small workforce could be too much to ask!

However as we understand a major chunk of companies are tending towards co-working spaces for the cost effective and attractive workspaces solution. Co-working space managers can take this advantage and include napping pods, napping rooms, stations etc in their premises to gel with the transforming business culture at large. The clients/companies can be charged based on the number of hours and facilities used.

Many big organisations and innovative startups are adapting and recreating work policies to include napping during work hours. Although sophisticated napping pods are far too expensive for the budding entrepreneurs, there is a slow acceptance in the business world for acknowledging and adapting to the innovative solutions around stress-free workforce.

Innovation is the new buzzword in business these days to have an edge over the competition. Companies now are willing to shed their taboo and think with a fresh perspective. It is important to have a motivated, loyal, stress free and a productive workforce that drive innovation. Co-working spaces provide radical solutions that enable innovation. Companies that are willing to transform their culture and work environment have the option to adapt co working space solutions as a quick and cost effective measure.

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