About Us

Just as Efficiency, Productivity and Collaboration are vital for an organisation, similarly Diversity, Inclusivity and Accessibility are the bare necessities for a smooth functioning and progress of an organisation. A modern and user friendly office setup is what the organisations, innovative start-ups and freelance professionals seek in the present world. Where you sit, says a lot about who you are!

With this as our guiding philosophy, Spacealize strives to offer a wide variety of office spaces to suit all requirements and budgets. The founders of Spacealize have over 15 years of experience and in-depth understanding of emerging and contemporary work spaces.

Many studies have been conducted by big organizations to understand how to increase employee retention and is quite interesting to learn that employees are increasingly seeking for comfortable work environment, aesthetically pleasing ambience, flexible workplace and smart technology-driven workplace rather than just fixed  desk-based workplace that increases boredom and reduces the attention span.

“Co-working space” is a seasoned terminology for organizations in the West, however it is still at a nascent stage in India and is sure to grow tremendously in the future. With increasing number of young entrepreneurs and Millennials thronging big positions in the organization, it is sure Co working spaces is the future for workplaces” in India.

Specialize was coined with this thought process to bridge the lacuna in identifying the workplace which best suits the companies requirement. As a space aggregator, Spacealize is able to leverage its unique industry-wide reach and resources to offer multiple choices for your requirement. We unleash various options as per your needs by carefully understanding your requirements, without having you to explain and reiterate your needs  individually to each space vendors. You sit back and choose the best fit for your business needs. And the cherry on the cake is that you don’t pay us anything for this convenience.